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Monthly Letter from Priest in Charge

Image of Rev Dr Caroline Friswell 

Dear Friends


Father’s Day is on Sunday 18 June and so we are celebrating fathers and those who have been like fathers to us at our Café Church Service on Saturday 10 June.  Whilst mothers get a great deal of attention fathers can sometimes be rather neglected, unless, of course, it is to condemn abusive or neglectful fathers.  Yet so many of us can testify to the enormous influence that fathers have had on our lives.  Like many people, I had a loving father to whom I was very close and I still miss him now that he is no longer here.  Even when fathers have not been present or loving, there are other men in our lives who are like fathers to us: grandfathers, step-fathers, uncles and family friends.


It is our heavenly Father though who provides the perfect example of good fathering.  Jesus’ story of the Prodigal Son speaks of a father who, when we have gone astray, welcomes us back without recrimination but with arms outstretched in love and joy.  Sadly, because some people have had such bad experiences of their own fathers they can find it hard to accept that God is good, loving and just and the concept of Father God makes it very difficult for them to believe in or accept God.  For them it might be easier to focus on God in Jesus – the man who comes alongside us as brother and friend. 


For the rest of us, though, may your happy memories of the father figures in your life help you to draw closer to our Father God.  In addition, this is a good time to say a special thank you for those men and, if they are still alive, to tell them how much you value them – and I’m not just talking about your biological fathers here.  You might also think about encouraging younger men in your family who are fathers such as your sons and sons-in-law or your grandsons and grandsons-in-law or even friends and neighbours. 


For those men who do not have children of their own there are so many ways in which you demonstrate a father’s care by the way in which you encourage, support and guide – and we thank you and pray God’s blessings upon you.


With every blessing

Rev Caroline Friswell