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Monthly Letter from Priest in Charge

Image of Rev Dr Caroline Friswell 

Dear Friends


The picture of the lamb on the cover reminds us that the lambing season is once again underway.  I love to see the young lambs in the fields heralding Spring-time and promising that new life and longer days are on the way.  Lambs also have other connotations. 


One of the many titles for Jesus is ‘Lamb of God’ and as we move through Lent towards Good Friday we are reminded of how Jesus was the ultimate sacrificial lamb who died for us.  In the old Jewish Temple system lambs were sacrificed so that the sins of the people could be forgiven but no amount of lambs or other sacrificial animals really dealt with the problem of human sin.  But when God himself went to the cross on our behalf then that put an end to the need for animal sacrifice. 


On Maundy Thursday we will be holding a Passover Meal at which we will remember the first Passover.  This was when the blood of a lamb was used to daub the doorposts of the Israelites as a protection against the angel of death who, quite literally, passed over their homes but who destroyed all the other first born male living creatures in Egypt.  At the Last Supper, when Jesus was sharing a Passover meal with his friends, he made the link between that protective blood of the Passover lamb and the way in which his own blood would mark the beginning of a new covenant between God and human beings whereby we would be protected from eternal death without the need for any further sacrifice on our behalf.


So as you see the lambs in the fields this month, I invite you to think about the Lamb of God whose death we will be remembering at the end of March.


With every blessing


Rev Caroline