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Monthly Letter from Priest in Charge

Image of Rev Dr Caroline Friswell 

Dear Friends


During August my husband and I visited the Maritime Museum in Liverpool.  There we learned about the role of the Merchant Navy during the two world wars.  I was particularly struck by the bravery of thousands of seamen sailing in unarmed vessels in order to keep Britain supplied with food and other necessities in the face of deadly attacks by German U-boats.  We know a great deal about the Battle of Britain in 1940, which was fought by the ‘few’ in the skies over England.  Perhaps we are rather less familiar with the Battle of the Atlantic that began in 1939 and continued for several years until there were enough Royal Naval battleships to provide sufficient protection to the convoys of Merchant ships.  If we had lost that battle at sea it would have had just as devastating effect as if we had lost the battle of the skies.


The reason why I am writing about this is that it reminds me of how many unsung heroes and heroines there are who just get on with their work looking after other people and doing difficult and sometimes hazardous jobs in the process.  There are also people who are not in paid employment but who nevertheless put aside their own concerns and interests in order to care for others.  You may very well be one such person.  Other people don’t always notice let alone appreciate the things that you do but God sees all things.


Jesus said ‘No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’ (John 15:13)  He was talking, in part, about his own forthcoming crucifixion and we sometimes apply this passage to our servicemen and women who have literally laid down their lives for their country.  But there are less dramatic ways of self-sacrificial living and that includes putting the needs of others before our own.  When we do this Jesus says that he calls us his friends.  (John 15:14)


With every blessing


Rev Caroline