About Us.

Welcome to St. Peters church in the village of Byers Green.

We are a warm and friendly church  and our Priest in charge Barbara Hilton is always around with a warm handshake and a kind smile.    Our Church Wardens, Margaret Gilson and Janet Bell, are always on hand to show you to a comfortable seat what ever your level of physical abilities .  So why not come and see us and we can promise a tea or coffee after the services.  Of course children and dogs are welcome.


we are here to help you with any concerns that you may have.

What about some company?  well our Wednesday morning coffee mornings have become quite the community space that serves not just Byers Green, But the  surrounding villages.  

What about something a little more reflective.

Our Bible Travellers  do not just take a look at the gospels and the life of Christ,  But also look into the bloody history of the Old Testament.  it is quite an eye opener to understand that history can be such a great teacher just as much as the Gospel stories.

And if that does not entice  you, then there is coffee, tea, cakes and biscuits in abundance.

Our Services:

Our Priest in charge, Barbara Hilton,  guides us all through a wonderful, reflective Eucharist service.  We also have Ashly Wilson who comes once a month to speak when Barbara has duties with one of the other three churches that she over sees.

Finally for the fifth Sunday in the month, we have a service of the word which is led by our resident Lay Leaders.  These can be quite fun.

And yes once again coffee and tea is always at the end with a warm and friendly catch up.