Our Bible Travellers

BIBLE TRAVELLERS is an informal group. Our aim is Bible based learning together in a relaxed atmosphere. We are all on a journey of discovery and have reached different individual points along the way.

Meeting time: Friday mornings 10.00 am for 10.30 starting with coffee (or tea) and chat. Finish time 11.30.

ALL WELCOME. (providing you are willing to abide by the agreement below.)                                                                                     

Group facilitator: Juliet king 01388 605614

Together we drew up the following agreement about our behaviour and attitudes within the group:

  • There is no such thing as a silly question
  • Verbal contribution and silent participation are equally valid and acceptable
  • Each person's opinion and/or belief is valid and will be respected
  • We will trust the Holy Spirit to lead us into the truth and to help us grow in faith
  • We will listen carefully to each other
  • We will be gentle and respectful towards one another
  • We will not be contentious
  • We will not try to mould one another into our own way of thinking
  • Anything shared within the group will be regarded as confidential
  • No one will be put "on the spot" and made to feel uncomfortable or at any kind of a disadvantage
  • No previous knowledge of the Bible is necessary
  • Laughter is not only allowed  - but a regular feature of our meetings!

We are currently reading the  book of Exodus and have reached Chapter 17

Current Bible promise to claim for our own use: 

 Psalm17 v 5:  In the day of trouble He will keep me safe in His dwelling

Meeting venue: Gilside Cottage, Church Lane, Byers Green, DL16 7NL